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What is the WIM HOF Method?

Our modern life of convenience, temperature controlled living spaces, and clothing has greatly affected out bodies natural abilities and strength.  No longer are our age-old physiological mechanisms triggered by temperature causing us to lose our ability to tap into this powerful healing and energetic resource. 


When we choose to go into the cold consciously, with intention, we strengthen our immune system, developing will power and reducing inflammation.  Yury introduces you to the Wim Hof Method that will literally reboot your nervous system by stimulating these innate physiological processes. 

The Method is based on three powerful pillars

Cold Therapy

Wim Hof Adventures.

Yury is currently the top rated Wim Hof instructor in the world.


The cold is a teacher, it humbles you and keeps you honest.

Cold water lets you experience the inevitable “now” 

Cold water immersion directly triggers the sympathetic nervous system by causing a burst of epinephrine (aka adrenaline) to be released from the adrenal glands. Epinephrine increases the heart rate, pushing blood to the muscles; widens airways allowing more oxygen to be sent to the brain, and mobilizes blood sugars as an energy supply. 


This stress cycle happens to us every day, at the dmv, traffic jams, subway, work, home, etc. By putting ourselves through the stress of cold water immersion we learn to use our breath to calm down and invoke the para-sympathetic nervous system that directly impacts our ability to effect the nervous system in our day to day lives.

 Wim Hof Fundamentals Workshop with Yury 

This is an entry level workshop intended for beginners and curious newcomers.

All facets of the Wim Hof Method will be covered. You find out how oxygen and cold put beneficial stresses on your body, learn how the mind can be controlled, and engage in a variety of breathing and cold therapy activities.


Elevated Energy Levels

Enhanced Mood

Improved Sleep Quality

Greater Focus and Creativity

mental health

Increased Willpower

Alleviate Symptoms of Depression, Fatigue, and Chronic Pain

Heightened Self-Awareness


Reduced Inflammation


Aids Recovery from Physical Exertion

Reinforced Immune System

Improved Sports Performance


Control of Nervous System

 Additional Endorphins

Balanced Hormone Levels

Interested in a Wim Hof Method wellness adventure for your business?

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