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Renee Pauley

“This experience definitely changed my life. It helped me understand my body and my mind in a way I thought was not possible. Yuri was a wonderful guide and teacher. He’s so knowledgeable and passionate about his learning and teaching, which made the experience more enhanced. He’s an authentic soul and I’m grateful to have met him and have this experience."

Andrew Ellis

“Yury is a wonderful instructor and deeply empathetic human. You'll venture into your subconscious with the best of guides. I'd follow him anywhere."

Alex Kaplan

"Yury is a wonderful instructor with a very honest and caring approach. We brought our children with us, ages 12-16 and they felt immediately comfortable and excited to learn and take part in seminar. They all did the breathing as well as the cold plunge! Yury has wonderful energy which is calming and at the same time motivational. We highly recommend attending one of his seminars if you can!"

Matthew Roache

"Yury is the real deal. It was a deep and meaningful experience, and he really took the time, care and attention to connect with each and every participant. He helped me through the breathing and his guidance was much needed. Thank you Yury. And thank you Wim."

Katherine Mejia

"It was absolutely amazing and life changing! Yury is phenomenal!! I can’t thank him enough for the experience he gave us all. I will be forever thankful. His knowledge, guidance, and love for what he does just shows. Wim Hoff should feel lucky to have him has an instructor! He deserves a raise!!!!"

Igor Aybin

"I am an analytical person and I don't usually subscribe to these experiences. However, for me, this was inspirational and transformative. I highly recommend for anyone to try this just once in their life. Thank you for everything Yury!"

Wendy Teplansky

"Yury Opendik was phenomenal. His energy, enthusiasm, love of the method, and love for his students made the experience a life changing one. Thanks to all of the instruction in breathing and mindset I was the first person in the ice and stayed in the water for over 3 minutes. I am inspired and will continue my practice. Yury and his teaching are a gift I will treasure. Thank you so much to Wim Hof and Yury Opendik."

Matt Sauerhoff

"Yuri gave a transformative experience which I will remember for the rest of my life."

Annemarie Dunn

"Yuri’s energy and passion for healing is evident as soon as he walked in the room. He truly cared about each person in the class getting an experience. I certainly felt connected to spirit and have a renewed sense of self. I am inspired to continue to connect and heal myself. I am grateful for this experience and blessed to have Yuri as my guide."

Over 800 positive reviews and counting.  

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