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Workshops & Adventures


Yury's Private & Group Workshops:

Custom Workshops

Great experience and teacher. Highly recommend it. I will be back and probably will ask for privates. If you get the opportunity to go don't delay.

- Carlton Washington

We are all unique beings and require a highly individual approach.

These workshops can be 100% crafted for a family gathering, business, or as an add on for a wellness retreat. 


You hand-pick which areas of study your group is interested in and how deep you want to go together.  You can schedule a one-off or set up a reoccurring program to truly see your life transformed.

These workshops can be set-up to cover any of the following areas:


Yoga: attendees will learn how to integrate conscious breath with movement to bring more life force energy into their bodies. Gain flexibility, release stress, and learn how simple conscious movements can be applied to effectively/efficiently restore energy and become peaceful in their overall state of being.


Meditation: this session will provide attendees with insight into how meditation can reduce blood pressure, relieve stress and create a parasympathetic state in the nervous system. This state allows the body to get proper rest while stimulating the immune system to regenerate.


Breathwork: We'll practice breathing techniques for relaxation, for focus, for energy and for healing. Participants will leave the workshop feeling recharged and inspired to integrate breathwork in their daily lives. 


Cold Exposure: Cold exposure is a powerful practice to strengthen your immune system and build up your willpower among many other benefits.  Every participant will get a chance to step outside their comfort zone and face themselves in the ice.


Holistic Living: Become the master of your mind and develop an unshakable mindset to tackle obstacles with love and confidence.


Nutritional: You'll learn about essential eating habits that are easy to maintain and help reduce your cravings.  This leads to elevated energy levels, weight loss, reduced stress, and improved concentration and mindset.


Class Size: There's no limit to the number of attendees for our group event.

Location: On-Site or Virtual.

We can arrange a venue together or come to your location.

Costs: Contact for pricing


Have questions? Setup a discovery call with Yury.


 This workshop... 


Provides tools to calm the nervous system thus releasing stress and anxiety to develop happy and healthy bodies and minds.

 This workshop is for... 

Individuals and groups looking to build a healthier relationship to their minds and bodies

Individuals and groups looking to raise personal consciousness

Individuals and groups looking to reconnect


 "He immediately created a very safe container for us all with his guidance and knowledge of the mind, body and spirit connection.  If you have the chance to work with Yury, DO IT! A life changing day" :)

- Jachen Mackner


Meet your Instructor: 

Yury is a certified level 2 Wim Hof Method Instructor, certified C.H.E.K. Institute Holistic Lifestyle Coach, Certified Yoga Alliance Teacher, he's also a breath work & meditation coach who regularly practices cold exposure. ​


• Certified level 2 Wim Hof Method instructor

C.H.E.K. Institute Coach L2 IMS2 / HLC3

Yoga Alliance 200hr. Certified Yoga Teacher

• Meditation & Breath Work Coach

• Plant Medicine Integration Coach

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