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Yury's Corporate Workshops & Adventures:

Release Stress & Anxiety Workshop

"Wow! This was one of the best workshops I've been to.  Yury held space sweetly by encouraging all of us and mixed his knowledge & wisdom with his heart. 10/10 would do again!"

- Gemma Parmar

Looking for a program that your  employees will benefit from?

This Release Stress & Anxiety Workshop empowers your team by teaching them about their physiology and gives them practical steps to calming the nervous system which releases stress and anxiety. 

This is a beginner's course which will cover the following areas:


Yoga: attendees will learn how to integrate conscious breath with movement to bring more life force energy into their bodies. Gain flexibility, release stress, and learn how simple conscious movements can be applied to effectively/efficiently restore energy and become peaceful in their overall state of being.


Meditation: this session will provide attendees with insight into how meditation can reduce blood pressure, relieve stress and create a parasympathetic state in the nervous system. This state allows the body to get proper rest while stimulating the immune system to regenerate.


Breathwork: We'll practice breathing techniques for relaxation, for focus, for energy and for healing. Participants will leave the workshop feeling recharged and inspired to integrate breathwork in their daily lives. 

Employees will leave the workshop with solid tools that they can use to be more focused and productive at work. 


"Mental health challenges are now the norm among employees across all organizational levels."

Date: TBD

Class Size: 1-30 people

Location: On-site or Virtual.

Venue must be provided by client.

Costs: $3,500.00 - 3 Hours


Have questions? Setup a discovery call with Yury.

 This workshop... 


Provides tools to relieve stress & anxiety

Increases focus and productivity

encourages a team building environment.

 This workshop is for... 

Corporate teams looking to build a healthier internal work environment

Corporations wanting to spotlight mental and physical well being with positive action and responsibility

Team building 

Meet your Instructor: 

Yury is a certified level 2 Wim Hof Method Instructor, certified C.H.E.K. Institute Holistic Lifestyle Coach, Certified Yoga Alliance Teacher, he's also a breath work & meditation coach who regularly practices cold exposure. ​


• Certified level 2 Wim Hof Method instructor

C.H.E.K. Institute Coach L2 IMS2 / HLC2

Yoga Alliance 200hr. Certified Yoga Teacher

• Meditation & Breath Work Coach

• Plant Medicine Integration Coach

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